WordPress + IIS 7.5 + .NET in root

IIS 7.5 WordPress in root

This is just a really quick post to hopefully help others looking to get WordPress working on a Windows based server with a specific need… you want to run WordPress in the root of an existing site that is already running a site or several virtual sites in there already. Or put another way – you want WordPress to run alongside existing web site content and / or site(s) on Windows Server 2008 under one domain name. For example: www.mysite.com…

The Best Subscribe to commment plugin?

Very quick post to say we have just come across Subscribe to Comments Reloaded by coolmann which allows your readers to subscribe to comment updates WITHOUT having to write a comment and much more for site admins beside. We suggest checking it our as it also has a healthy support forum too.

The Best E-Commerce Plugin for WordPress?

WordPress Shoping Cart

It’s a tough question. It’s a tough proposition – you’ve got a client on the phone, they want to start uploading products yesterday, you know you’re onto a winner with WordPress as their CMS but which of the myriad e-commerce plugins do you choose? Well let me take you on a little journey… What E-Commerce Plugins Are Out There? Loads, frankly. More than I have time to write about here today. So, in alphabetical order no less, here are 6…

Google Instant Search and SEO

Google Instant Search SEO

So Google have just announced the launch of their instant search feature but what does it mean for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO? First up what is Google Instant Search? Well Instant Search really needs to be seen to be believed and if you are in the USA or are signed into Google and in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia AND using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 8 you will be able to do so anytime from now….

How to Customize Twenty Ten

Twenty Ten is the new default theme for WordPress 3.0 and makes great use of all the new features this new major release brings so it seems to make sense to start with this as a base for your next WordPress based project’s theme yeah? Well before you start jumping in and hacking the code you need to realise Twenty Ten is in fact a Parent Theme and you can make ALL your required CSS / Function and Template modifications…