ComparePressComparePress is a revolutionary price comparison WordPress Plugin developed by The Blog House.

It allows you as a WordPress user to run a full, SEO comparison web site on top of your existing WordPress within 5 minutes of installation!

Launched with a UK mobile phone comparison module we plan to add other price comparison modules as quickly as we can so no matter what your WordPress blog or site targets ComparePress can give you an easy to use, SEO, high conversion comparison system for free!



  • Puts YOU back in control of how you make money on YOUR blog or site
  • Keeps your users engaged and on your site for longer compared to text ads
  • Makes YOUR site stand out amongst your competitors
  • Attracts new users to your site – 100s of pages of new SEO price comparison data can only increase your site’s visibility
  • Creates a whole new revenue stream – mobile commissions starting at £20 / $30 per sale

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ComparePress: WordPress Price Comparison Plugin