Google Instant Search and SEO

Google Instant Search SEO

So Google have just announced the launch of their instant search feature but what does it mean for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO? First up what is Google Instant Search? Well Instant Search really needs to be seen to be believed and if you are in the USA or are signed into Google and in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia AND using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 8 you will be able to do so anytime from now….

The Blog House Expands

Today we are pleased to announce we are now able to offer the following WordPress services ‘in house’: PSD to custom WordPress Theme Bespoke WordPress Theme Design and coding Logo Design Why now I hear you ask… Well, since soft launching the company last year we have been so busy with our first few clients sites and our top secret WordPress plugin that we put off offering anything publicly as we simply couldn’t guarantee any sort of reliable time frame…